Ecoforest AU Range Collector for ecoGEO 50kW

Air source collector for stand-alone or hybrid energy collection in conjunction with ecoGEO internal unit with 50kW power


An air to water collector, offering an output of 50kW, with superior performance, incorporating only fan and hydraulic connections outdoors, supplying energy to internal ecoGEO unit. This offers simple installation, hybridisation options with geothermal collectors and increased longevity of heat pump components.

The AU range also offers superior defrosting technology where compressor is deactivated during defrosting cycles, very low noise levels, no limitation of distance between indoor and outdoor units and advanced HTR technology for higher water temperatures. Units can be cascaded together or mixed with geothermal units for increased outputs and capacities and through the ecoSMART system, can also be hybridised with solar PV for the ultimate home heating and power solution.

Technical Data

  • Air source collector in conjunction with ecoGEO heat pump
  • Hybridise with geothermal collectors and/or Solar PV
  • Units can be cascaded for increased output
  • Advanced defrosting system without starting compressor or electrical support and with fewer defrost cycles and less cost
  • Fully compatible with all ecoGEO heat pump units
  • Exclusively hydraulic installation
  • Enhanced heat pump lifespan
  • Bepoke selection of defrosting energy source
  • Super-quiet operation
  • Easy to install
  • Commissioned by Eco Heat

Additional information



COP A7/W35

DHW max. temp. without electrical support

Electric heater required for DHW

EVI technology

HTR technology

Energy label rating - 35°C

Energy Label Rating - 55°C

Wi-Fi compatible

Cooling function

Refrigerant type

hydraulic, None

DHW volume