Ecoforest ecoAIR EVI Compact 4-20kW

High performance, air to water heat pump with stepless modulation and an output of 4 – 20kW. Complete with integrated 165ltr DHW cylinder and hydraulic module for super-easy installation. EVI technology for especially good performance with radiators.


An air to water heat pump for larger or less well insulated homes and incorporating superior technology (Ecoforest, patented software) to optimise performance and minimise the cost of heating. This heat pump offers stepless modulation from 4 – 20kW.

The ecoAIR EVI range of heat pumps offer the unique EVI technology to extract further heat from the fluid returning to the heat pump. This is added back into the heat pump process and is what enables an Ecoforest heat pump to reach the extraordinary temperatures that it can. That permits heat pump operation without the requirement (or recommendation) of buffer tanks and means that direct heating to radiators is feasible and efficient. The “Compact” range is complete with an integrated DHW cylinder and hydraulic kit incorporating brine filling kit, filter, 3 way DHW valve, electronic controls and screen. This system is truly “plug and play” and makes both electrical and mechanical installation extraordinarily simple.

Technical Data

  • Built to customer specification, for optimal performance
  • Inverter technology & scroll compressor
  • Full modulation of all components from 20 – 100%
  • EVI technology for top performance in unfavourable conditions
  • Unique system with flash tank
  • Heating, cooling, DHW
  • Integrated 165ltr DHW cylinder
  • Integrated hydraulic module for true “plug and play”

Additional information



COP A7/W35


DHW max. temp. without electrical support


Electric heater required for DHW


EVI technology


HTR technology


Energy label rating - 35°C


Energy Label Rating - 55°C


Max noise level

63 dB*

Wi-Fi compatible


Cooling function


Refrigerant type


DHW volume