Ecoforest ecoAIR PRO Basic 3-12kW Air to Water Heatpump

Natural air to water heat pump with superior performance, stepless modulation and an output of 3 – 12kW. Works with any size DHW cylinder, ideal for those who want a large cylinder. Uses a natural refrigerant R290.


An air to water heat pump for average to large homes, with reasonable levels of insulation and incorporating superior technology (Ecoforest, patented software) to optimise performance and minimise the cost of heating. This heat pump offers stepless modulation from 3 -12kW.

The ecoAIR PRO range of heat pumps utilises R290 natural refrigerant and once again, shows Ecoforest leading the way and once again revolutionising the heat pump market with a particular emphasis on caring for our environment. Equipping the heat pump with R290, in combination with advanced, in-house software, enables the Ecoforest PRO range of heat pumps to reach extraordinary output temperatures. These temperatures make it possible for the heat pump to operate without the requirement (or recommendation) of buffer tanks and means that direct heating to radiators is feasible and efficient. The “Basic” range allows installation with a wide range of DHW cylinders and can even be used with existing cylinders in certain circumstances, giving great flexibility of design to the installer and customer alike.

Technical Data

  • Built to customer specification, for optimal performance
  • Inverter technology & scroll compressor
  • Full modulation of all components from 20 – 100%
  • Natural refrigerant (R290) to take care of our environment
  • Extraordinary performance in unfavourable conditions
  • Heating, cooling, DHW
  • Select any size of DHW cylinder or connect to existing
  • Integrated active cooling
  • Hybridisation with Solar PV (through ecoSMART e-Manager or e-System)
  • Advanced remote access for diagnostics and monitoring (optional)
  • Single and three phase options
  • Exceptionally easy to install
  • Commissioned by Eco Heat
  • Monobloc dimensions: Height 970mm, Length 1,140mm, Depth 475mm
  • Monobloc weight 135kg
  • Internal control module dimensions (CM): Height 600mm, Width 400mm, Depth 158mm
  • Control module weight 15kg

Additional information



COP A7/W35


DHW max. temp. without electrical support


Electric heater required for DHW


EVI technology


HTR technology


Energy label rating - 35°C


Energy Label Rating - 55°C


Wi-Fi compatible


Cooling function


Refrigerant type


DHW volume