AirMac Heat Recovery Fresh Air ERV System

The fresh air system is connected at the air inlet port of the main unit. Purified fresh air goes through the pipes and the branches in the ceiling to each room. At the same time, dirty air in each room is discharged from the return air pipe to outdoor after energy transferring with the fresh air through heat exchanger.


Internal Structure

High End Design Full EPP Body

  1. Safe and environmental friendly
  2. Strong Climate Tolerance
  3. Light in weight
  4. Acid and alkali resistant, waterproof
  5. Shock absorption and noise reduction

Muffler Bellows

  1. Noise reduction
  2. Easy installation
  3. Adjustable air volume

Graphene Total Heat Exchanger

  1. Nanotechnology: Using nano-level polymer materials, water molecules can easily pass through the permeable membrane while the gas is blocked outside. Moreover, the material is non-volatile, non-toxic and harmless, and can be in direct contact with the our skin.
  2. Mould-proof and antiseptic: Silver, titanium and other functional ions are added to the base material, which has the functions of sterilization and antibacterial. The level of mould-proof and antiseptic achieve the highest level.
  3. High efficiency heat transferring: Graphene can improve the thermal conductivity of membrane materials, and greatly improve the heat transfer performance.
  4. High efficiency humidity control: The permeability of water molecules is very high, while which of the gas molecules is low, so gas can not pass by and at the same time ensures efficient moisture exchange of water.
  5. Long service life: Proven by many severe weather resistance tests, the service life of the heat exchanger can reach 10 years or even longer.
  6. Wide application: The normal application temperature range of graphene modified membrane is – 30-65 ° C, which can fully meet most demands.

External Rotor Centrifugal Fan

High Static Pressure Fan

The total pressure of the fan is up to 600 PA, and the air supply distance is more than 20m, which can fully meet the requirements of air supply.

High Efficiency EC Motor

  1. High efficiency and energy saving: The power of the whole machine is as low as 28w, saving 80% energy than normal AC motor.
  2. Variable frequency speed regulation: According to different pipeline resistance, the motor speed can be adjusted to ensure the best air volume and noise effect.

Multiple Filters for Efficient Purification

PM2.5 removal rate is as high as 99.7%