AirMac Combi Buffer & Hot Water Cylinder

A practical water tank product!

2022 MCE innovative water tank

Utilizing a patented design, multi-functional water tank is a thermal type water tank that can be used in house heating and hot water supply simultaneously.


Patented Design

Multi-functional Water Tank is innovative, which utilizes a patented design proves that it’s a new type of practical technology, and makes it more competitive in the market.

Available for Heat Pump With Various Capacity

With a built-in three-way valve, the water tank can easily match with different heat pumps and avoid the shut-down of the heat pump unit caused by insufficient water flow when the load is low. Such a design can not only prolong the service life of the heat pump, but also can achieve stable operation and excellent performance.


To make the water tank versatile, AirMac R&D team designed the water tank with a new system according to three different options of application modes. In general, the Multi-functional Water Tank is connected to a waterway bypass and its system includes several key components which are electric 3-way regulating valve, buffer tank, and expansion tank. As it is a thermal storage type water tank, it can be used in house heating and hot water supply simultaneously, fulfilling the users’ different demands in all seasons.

Domestic Hot Water Mode

The hot water produced by the heat pump unit will flow into the Multi-functional Water Tank through the electric three-way valve. Then the water will also be heated by the internal coil in the tank. In DHW mode, users can enjoy sanitary hot water at a suitable temperature.

Heating + DHW Mode

The hot water produced by the heat pump unit will flow into the buffer tank through the electric three-way valve. After being pressured by the water pump, the hot water will be sent to the floor heating coil, fan-coil, and radiator. Therefore, in Heating and DHW mode, users can enjoy not only the comfortable hot water but also the stable house heating.

Cooling + DHW Mode

The cool water produced by the heat pump unit will flow into the buffer tank through the electric three-way valve and then be sent to the water fan coil after being pressured by the water pump. In such a way, users can enjoy gently cool air and hot water at the same time.

Compact Inner Structure Design

The compact inner structure makes the water tank very flexible in installation and it won’t take up too much space in the users’ home.

Stable Temperature

Supplying stable hot or cool water for either fan coil or floor heating coil, the water tank enables users to enjoy more gentle cool air in summer and a more stable and warm temperature in winter.

Separate DSS Liner

The Duplex Stainless Steel(DSS) liner is strongly anti-corrosion and quake-proofed which ensures long service life. Besides, with it, the heat pump can provide stable hot water while performing house heating.

Automatic Water Refill Valve

Water can be supplied to the system at any time with an automatic water refill valve, maintaining a steady pressure value of the system, which makes it more economical in the long-term operation.