AirMac R32 PLUS

R32 Inverter EVI Heat Pump, featured with cost-effectiveness, can be used in extremely cold area with climate temperature as low as -25℃ for heating/cooling, and domestic hot water.


Wide Running Range

Thanks to Inverter EVI technology, HeroPlus Series Air to Water Heat Pump features a wide operating temperature range for house heating, cooling and domestic hot water. It means it can reach high water temp. even in cold climate, and can work safely and reliably at ambient temperature as low as -25°C.

Intelligent Defrosting

Intelligent defrosting uses the pressure sliding defrosting technology to figure out the exact defrosting time and start pressure according to the real ambient temperature. It saves energy and makes the heat pump work in high efficiency.

Smart Colorful Touch Display

AirMac R32 PLUS series is designed with a 5-inch smart colorful touch display which is installed on the wall. Featured with 0.5°C precise temperature control, water temperature curve display, easy timing, one-key mute ect. it brings users a easy and convenient experience.

R32 Refrigerant

Compared to the refrigerants widely used today, such as R-22 and R-410A, R32 has a global warming potential that is two-third lower and it is remarkable for its low environmental impact, which helps to speed up its popularity in the industry,the pursuit of every detail is the guarantee of your family.