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Make Heat Pump Installation Easy!

New EasyHydro Module is specially designed to improve the flexibility and lower the cost for installers during installation. With this module, professional installer can take less work for the heat pump installation in your home. Contact us to know more about it!


Installation with EasyHydro

AirMac provides the monoblock heat pump (without circulation pump) and the EasyHydro. EasyHydro includes one small size built-in buffer tank, one main circulation water pump, one space heating/cooling circulation water pump, one DHW pump, safety valve, water charge valve and expansion tank, electrical heater. When install the unit, installer should connect the heat pump directly to the EasyHydro while the buffer tank (for space heating/cooling) is considered whether to add or not. Storage water tank is needed for the domestic hot water application. Temperature sensor should be added in the storage water tank.

Component Integration

Apart from the heat pump unit, EasyHydro is an integration of all main components, including water pump, valves, filters, constant pressure water replenishment device, electric control cabinet, etc. That is why the unit has the thinnest 265 mm design in the market.

Stepless Electric Heating

Through silicn controlled technology, the stepless electric heating output makes the temperature adjustment more accurate without interrupting the stable running of the heat pump system.

Grundfos Water Pumps

Three DC inverter Grundfos water pumps are used to guarantee the best quality of product.

Refill valve

The automatic refill valve can automatically maintain the pressure of the system at the set value and can prevent the hot water from the heating system from returning to the cold water pipe, achieving accurate pressure and system stability.

Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure relief valve is also called a safety valve, which is one of the most important type of safety valves, this type of valve sets a limit on the rise of pressure within a hydraulic line in normal operation, the valve is closed and no fluid passes through, but if the pressure in the line exceeds the limit the valve opens to relieve the pressure, this protects heat pump from becoming damaged from high pressure.

Space Heating+Water Heating

Unlike the traditional heat pump system in which a three-way valve is used for controlling the space heating and water heating, the EasyHydro uses an advanced technology to realize this control without three-way valve.