Ecoforest ecoGEO High Power HP3 15-70kW Geothermal Heatpump

High performance, high power, geothermal heat pump with stepless modulation and an output of 15 – 70kW. Integrated active and passive cooling functions for advanced cooling operations. Unique HTR technology for superior hot water performance without electrical support.


A geothermal (ground source) heat pump for medium commercial use, offering advanced stepless modulation with inverter technology and scroll compressor. Provides integrated management of up to 5 different emission temperatures for various applications.

Ecoforest High Power heat pumps can accept a hybrid of ground source and air source collectors, in conjunction with ecoSMART e-source, for exceptional flexibility in design and/or system expansion. Up to 6 units can be cascaded together for increased output and further flexibility. This model offers both passive and active cooling functions and the management of same for advanced cooling operations. Integrated energy meters constantly monitor and measure the electrical consumption, COP and SPF.

Technical Data

  • Modulating thermal power and flow rates of both brine and production circuits
  • Inverter technology & scroll compressor
  • Full modulation of all components from 20 – 100%
  • Manage up to 5 different emission temperatures simulataneously
  • Heating, cooling, DHW, swimming pool, buffer tank
  • Merge with air source units for added flexibility
  • Integrated hydraulic module for easy installation
  • Integrated active cooling function
  • Integrated management of external systems such as boilers or electric heaters
  • Cascade up to 6 units via ecoSMART e-source, Hybridisation with Solar PV (through ecoSMART e-Manager or e-System)
  • Advanced remote access for diagnostics and monitoring (optional)
  • Single and three phase options
  • Easy to install
  • Commissioned by Eco Heat
  • Dimensions: Height 1,063mm, Width 870mm, Depth 785mm
  • Weight 325kg

Additional information



COP A7/W35


DHW max. temp. without electrical support


EVI technology


HTR technology


Energy label rating - 35°C


Energy Label Rating - 55°C


Max noise level


Wi-Fi compatible


Cooling function

active &passive, Yes

Refrigerant type


DHW volume

Any, via cylinder or buffer tank